Our Team



Angela Yelland 

Ange is our amazing and hard working salon owner, who is very passionate about her career. She makes everybody that walks into the salon feel special and welcome. She has an amazing eye for detail when it comes to all things hair! When Ange isn’t creating beautiful hair colours and cuts for all her clients, she is working hard in her office out the back of the salon. Ange has made this salon a wonderful and warm place for all our clients and her staff.



Rhi, you need to meet her! When you meet the right hairdresser everything falls into place, Ask any of Rhi's clients and they will say the same. This girl creates the most beautiful natural looking colours and everyone loves her for her kind nature making every client feel like they're a part of the family.



Millie is our young shining star! Although she is early on in her career Millie is a natural. Her skill, creativity and detail is beyond some that have been working at it for years. Millie is a prime example how hard work and passion can out do experience.

Millie specialises in creating seamless colour and gorgeous waves.